Plus and Minus & Cheese Hamper

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Cheese lover’s paradise! 

Fruity Notes 

The plus and minus Shiraz is one of the most premium handcrafted wines out there made with the finest grapes extract. That and Simon Johnson’s queen olives are the perfect match in this hamper!

A punch of sweetness

You cannot get a more pure piece of honey than the Postcode Honeycomb; pair that with the Maggie beer quince paste to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The Cheeses

The hamper includes three of the best cheeses out there; including Harvey Cheese (Taleggio), Blue Cow Triple Cream French Style, Pradera Dutch Cheese. If that wasn’t enough, you also get to snack on cheddar cauliflower crackers!

Why is Plus and Minus & Cheese Hamper an unforgettable gesture?

The Plus and Minus & Cheese Hamper is your best bet to gift your friends and family. It is an extremely warm gesture with all the best things put together in a gorgeous hamper box! 

Hamper Box includes:

- Plus and Minus Shiraz 
- Simon Johnson Olive 
- Postcode Honeycomb 
- Maggie Beer Quince Paste 
- Harvey Cheese (Taleggio) 
- Blue Cow Triple Cream French Style 
- Pradera Dutch Cheese 
- Cauliflower Crackers

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